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This report shows the hits by category. The report gives me some idea about the popularity of each category. The column titled "Impressions" is the total number of page views for a category. The column titled "Recent" is recent impressions. Since the date of creation is the primary determining factor in the total count, the recent column is the more enlightening of the two columns. The recent column shows impressions since 2016-07-01

Hits by Category for Arizona Color
CategoryParentLinksImpressionsRecentLast Addition
Arizona ColorCommunity272629012011-10-23
ArtsArizona Color7643635002017-08-20
ShoppingArizona Color1541408912018-01-20
BusinessArizona Color2030354082013-08-25
GovernmentArizona Color3228325992018-01-27
HealthArizona Color925854922014-07-14
TravelArizona Color1724313982018-02-11
PoliticsArizona Color1123934022018-01-22
1st DistrictPolitics521924762018-01-05
RecreationArizona Color1920814182018-04-16
InformationArizona Color2018474072018-04-16
2nd DistrictPolitics216754262018-01-05
Political PartiesPolitics416563482011-03-02
Sporting GoodsShopping416233902014-05-10
Arizona TrailTravel215903882011-11-27
3rd DistrictPolitics211163852014-03-26
Home and GardenShopping310553972017-04-05
9th DistrictPolitics210043282014-03-28
4th DistrictPolitics39523432014-03-28
7th DistrictPolitics19333462018-01-05
6th DistrictPolitics29033262014-03-26
8th DistrictPolitics19003292014-03-26
5th DistrictPolitics28923172018-01-05
Grand Total2196347110026 
Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => 0 [2] => 219 [3] => 63471 [4] => 10026 [5] => 0 )
Miscellaneous Data
The "Calendar Hits" figure shows total views for the calendar.
"Current Events" is the number of events currently listed in the calendar
"Deleted Events" shows the number of old events moved to the site archive
"Site Reviews" refers to the site reviews. The point of the reviews was to create changing content for an RSS Feed.
"Page Data" refers to the article section of the site ... which is really only ads.
Deleted LinksI have deleted 116 old links which is 34.63% of the total links.
Calendar Hits0
Current EventsCount: 19, Page Views: 0, Average: 0.000
Site ReviewsReviews: 38, Page Views: 31992, Average: 841.895
Page Hits Hits5360
In summary: The primary directory has 219 links in 33 categories with a total of 63,471 views. That is an average of 1,923.36 page views per category or 289.82 page views per link. Adding the miscellaneous pages we have over 102 active pages and over 95,463 page views. This figure is low because I delete hit data when I delete old reviews and empty categories.